Ukraine 2020

A hurtful Lovestory

It’s utterly weird. You suddenly seem to live in a parallel world. On one side are the ones who think it disproportionate to wait at a doctor's office maybe not even reconsidering if it is really necessary, while others are deathly sick and don't get the medical resources they would need. What’s the difference between those two people? It's not their age, gender, or ethnicity. But what is different is the place they live in. More precisely the country they live in. And we’re not talking about a place 10.000 kilometers away from us. While functioning bathrooms and 24/7 electricity seem vital to us as air, we can't imagine a life without all these small things which we don’t even notice. In a world where the biggest questions for our life are where we’re going to study or if we even consider a gap year, in other circumstances this would not be possible. We could have seen the light of day in a different place, which is shaped by misery and poverty. A place, where money makes the world go round as rough as possible. All the small things we take for granted, like modern doctor's offices, a self-determined life, or simply a car drive to the next city. I can' tell you all the stories that have shaped me but I want to share a few thoughts with you:

I am so incredibly thankful that I was born where I was born. I know that this can not be taken for granted and I appreciate it every day.

I wish that more people would be aware of how incredibly privileged they are and how lucky they can be to start their life in such a position. This applies to everyone reading this. If you have your own mobile device, a free network to browse and you go to a normal job, in a regulated market in a constitutional democracy. Sure we all have struggles but compared to the suffering of individuals not too far away from us these things seem much smaller to me. I don't know what conclusions to draw from this but I wish more people would experience these impressions first hand. If I must name a trip that shaped me the most, traveling to Ukraine and South Africa would be my top two, not Venice, Eibsee, or Madeira.